The Scalable Path PRD Template Product Requirements Document Template

A free tool to help you define and organize your software requirements so you can plan for success.

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Set Your Project Up
for Success

Simplify Project Planning

Say goodbye to overwhelming PRDs. Define the scope of your project by following our tool’s intuitive prompts.

Save Time and Money

Make your requirements clear from the outset so you and your team can avoid costly changes down the road.

Manage Expectations

Develop and define a vision for your project so you can easily communicate, meet and manage expectations with stakeholders.

Generate an Estimate

Requirements from your PRD can be automatically transferred to our free estimator tool to help generate an estimate for your project.

Get Going Fast

Kickstart your development process by laying out the core functionality and layout of your product up front.

Start a PRD

Traditional Software Requirements Documents are a thing of the past.

We've identified the key points you need to start your project on the right foot. You fill in the blanks, we’ll organize it for you.

  • Goals

    Create context for your team by defining the purpose of your project, what problems it will solve, and your comprehensive vision for it.

  • Personas

    Identify your desired audience in terms of occupation, age, gender, location, and education to consider specific requirements for your product through the lens of your users.

  • Stories

    Describe important actions and objectives from the user's perspective to help shape your project’s design.

  • Screens/Pages

    One of the best ways to clearly communicate your requirements is to break your app down into its component screens or pages.

  • Emails & Messaging

    Determine what emails or messages you will need to create in order to inform users of updates, alerts, and other important notifications.

  • Functional Requirements

    Include specific functionalities that are required for your project, but aren’t already covered by an existing screens, stories, or high-level goals.

  • Non-functional Requirements

    Account for other business and/or technical requirements that are important to your organization.

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Using Scalable Path's Product Requirements Document not only helped us decide what we really needed to build, but it allowed us to easily and quickly communicate our vision to our designer, developer and copywriter.

Mario Jauregui, Founder - PropertyLark

mario jauregui profile for product requirements tool testimonial

Mario Jauregui, Founder - PropertyLark

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Read our guide to creating a PRD

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“How to Write an Effective Product Requirements Document”
By: Damien Filiatrault

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